1. High-Quality Nano Spray Port, Use Pa Heat Resistant Material, Fast Fogging, Large Amount of Mist

2. Porous Heat Dissipation, The Device Releases A Large Amount Of Nano-Spray While The Hull Intelligent Heat Dissipation.

3. Adjust The Quantity Of Fog According To The Softness

4. Large Capacity Water Bottle, Which Can Adjust The Control Time According To The Quantity Of Mist.

You Can Get Your Favorite Essential Oils To Achieve Various Good Effects.

Smart Temperature Control, Prevent Dry Heating.

 ✦ New Product Launch: 4800MAH Lithium Battery Powered Wireless Nano Electric Gun, 2H Charge, Continuous Working Time up to 3H! Safe and convenient! 110V-240V universal voltage, provide plug standards from different countries, you can be sure to have!

✦ Disinfecting Atomizer Sprayer: Equipped with 8 strong light grains, effectively realize the function! The normal design of temperature atomization is safer than high-temperature atomization! Not only does it make the liquid medicine ingredients more effective, but it also prevents the generation of harmful gases!
✦ Large watering capacity can: 500ml watering can design, can disinfect a larger area at once! Detachable copper nozzle and internal conduit are anti-clogging design, more durable! Built-in liquid filter!
✦ Portable Safety: Adjust the amount of fog through the button to control the usage time! 2M effective range! No warm-up time is required, the start button starts spraying immediately! Easy to carry, safer for low voltage use! Suitable for families, schools, companies, transportation, etc.!


 Package Included:

1*Disinfection machine

1*USB charging cable

AsaNana -Wireless Charging Atomizing

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