Droduct Description for ASa-018 Mini machine RF radio frequency facial vibrator electric eye massager for home use beauty instrument

Product Name: ASa-018 Mini RF heat beauty eye care massager for home use beauty machine
Model Number: BP-018
Galvanic: Positive ion & Negative ion
Photorejuvenation: Red:625±3nm;Blue:465±3nm;OR Green:525±3nm
Material Of Probe: Stainless steel
Suitable Areas: Face ,Neck,Hand
Dimension Of Probe: 25mm
Product Size: 15X3.5X3.5cm
Net Weight: 126g
Input: AC-100-240V, 50/60HZ
Output: DC15V, 0.4 A
Power: Max 3W
Battery type: Li-on rechargeable battery
Accessories: 1x Gift box,1 x main device, 1 X holder, 1 x manual, 1x USB Cable 
OEM/ODM Service: Highly welcome

RF stimulate the production of collagen,remove wrinkle
Blue light
It is used for disinfection , to support the treatment of acne or open wounds . This application is related to its ability to kill certain types of bacteria by means of free radicals that are released in their structure , since bacteria are poorly protected against free radicals,helps in reducing acne and decreases the amount of sebum on the skin.
Red light
Penetrates the deepest irradiates a large volume of cells in its application and provides cells with energy absorption in their components

AsaNana-Facial Beauty Massager

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