• 2 sided stainless steel material brush, make your pet more dense and sparse hair straightener, remove the knot and excess hair and make your pet more clean
  • Ideal for medium and large cats (weight over 10.9 lbs (4.5 kg))
  • The blade is specially processed inside and outside and has a curved shape so you can rest assured that it will not touch or damage your pet's skin. The blade has a round outer surface that gently massages your pet's skin with its smooth teeth. Meanwhile, the inside of the teeth is sharp, allowing you to cut smoothly into tangles and knots
  • Ergonomic design for a great fit and grip. Easy grip bra
  • By removing hair loss and unnecessary hair, it is also good for health such as pet skin allergies. It also promotes metabolism and blood circulation for your pet's skin to ease your pet. When used in the bath, it improves blood circulation and massage
AsaNana Cat Brush, Dog Brush, Slicker Brush, Hair Removal, Grooming Supplies, For Short Haired Dogs, Long Hair Dogs, Short Haired Cats, Undercoat, Mat, Gently Removes Tangled Hair

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