How do you fill a perfume atomizer?


1.Take off the cap and sprayer of your main perfume bottle. The cap is usually a plastic or glass attachment to protect the sprayer. The sprayer is the piece on the top that you press down to release perfume. To remove the cap from your main bottle, simply lift up on the cap and place the cap to the side. Then, gently pull off the sprayer with your fingers. The short, vertical nozzle will remain.

2.Pull off the metal casing of your travel perfume bottle. Most metal perfume travel bottles come with an outside casing to protect the inside unit. Hold the bottom of the casing between your index finger and thumb, and slide it off. It is easier to fill up your travel bottle if you remove the outer casing.

3.Place the bottom of your travel bottle on top of the spray nozzle. Simply line up the bottom end of the travel perfume bottle with the nozzle on the main bottle. You can still fill the atomizer with the casing on.
4.Lift up and down on the perfume travel bottle to pump it full of perfume. Continue lifting up and down several times until your travel perfume bottle is full.When you do this, you are essentially filling the travel bottle like how you usually press down on the sprayer to apply perfume.When full, the travel perfume bottle holds 70 full sprays or 5ml.

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